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Written and Produced by Rush Richardson, 2017, United States of America

Part 2


This transcript is not means to bash Ozark Bible Institute in any way (even though they are a cult). The whole concept of William attending Ozark Bible Institute is to punish William. Ozark is the strictest college I have found (handbook here ), and I am using the college as a "Boot Camp" for William. 


Setting: The Violette1st Household, somewhere in rural-Maryland, Mid-August 2017

Violette: "William!" 

No Response

Violette: "WILLIAM!"

Still no response


William: "WHAT!?"

Bill walks toward the stairwell

Bill: "William, get down here! It's very urgent!"

William, surprisingly, walks downstairs to the sound of his parents' voices.

William: "What could possibly so important for me to stop playing video games?"

Bill: "Well this is the last of video games you will be playing for a long time, buddy!"

Violette: "That's right, because you're going to move halfway across the country while attending a place called Ozark Bible Institute."

Bill: "It's in Missouri, and there's no escape you little jerk."

Violette: "That's not all, according to their student handbook, they are the strictest and harshest Bible College in the whole country."

William: "But we're not even religious! Why would you send me halfway across the country to attend a bible college?"

Violette: "William, it's because the Ozark Bible Institute will serve as a boot camp. They do not allow video games, t-shirts, secular music or YouTube."

William: "NO VIDEO GAMES!?"

William bolts toward the front door to escape, but Andy stands right outside the door to catch him. Andy carries a squirming William inside.

Bill: "You gullible jerk! You really thought you were going to get out of this would you?"

Andy: "You just ruined a good family moment, you scrub! I'm going to enjoy watching you throw a tantrum on the car ride to Missouri!"

Violette: "Now pack up your things, William. I have a list of things you will need. We leave at 6:30 AM tomorrow!"

William cries heading up the stairs. 

Part 2 out Wednesday!

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