Violette: Why hello Youtube! Today we will be throwing a diss track on the barrett revolution because he made fun of me and my family. So I will be using the tune of OG ManMan's Truth, but I'll switch up the lyrics so it'll be on him. Here we go...

[Verse 1]

First off Barrett, let me load my voice

Your fans sneak dissing but don’t want no issue

Keep playing Barrett, I swear to god they gon’ miss you

Once I get fast talking I swear to god I’m gon’ kill you

Barrett you a troll, that’s why nobody likes you

Keep calling William autism and your gonna have a bad time

Ask yourself, have you ever met a killer?

Don’t answer that, cause I'll answer it for you

I know why you mad, ‘cause I have more subs than you

Stop bullying those kids, leave it up to Leafy

And rest in hell to Christina Grimmie, yeah I know they miss her so much

But if they keep this up, her whole squad gon’ lay there with her

I’m not a real rapper, I’m a real live rap god

Used my voice to kill them like those bass boosted music

I’m not a real rapper, I’m a fidget spinner abuser

Throw that toy off my roof like they did C-Diddy


Now Barrett, I know your triggered at this point, and I know it. But we still got more to go!

[Verse 2]

You a Basement homie, I’m a Baltimore homie

I’m really in the streets, you the type to not shoot up

When you was beefing with Jesse, yeah you called my son cancer

What I do? I pulled up with my axe and my voice

You a soft boy, you was scared to get busy

You said kill you now, but you didn't kill me

Boy we ain’t friends ‘cause you always been an enemy

Catch me doing Youtube, and your gonna regret life

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