Barrett: Hey guys so, Violette made a diss track about me in VIOLETTE DISS TRACKS THE BARRETT REVOLUTION!!! and man that diss sucked so bad it made Jacky Jasper's Kool Keith is Mr. Gerber sound good in comparison. But I am not gonna let her get away with it. So I'm gonna diss her right now. I'll use RiceGum's It's EveryNight Sis's tune on this one and McJuggerNuggets is gonna help me on this one so here we go.

So, I heard Violette roasted me?

I don't think so!

Imma get her!

Imma get real good... 

I can tell that you came with the Rap God flow, ayy 

Ain't nobody ever heard of your ghetto show, ayy 

Got a b**** that remind me of my cereal 

From Canada, when I see her, I'm like "DAYUM" 

Yeah, Jesse called asking me if we could win against Violette (what) 

I said, we Gucci like the shirts with the snakes on it 

I just watched ya video, now I hate ya'll 

Violette, that will be your last hit like an 8 ball 

Hey there Juggies! It's youer old pal Jesse!

From NJ boy!

Fast talk faster than Sanic running

Me and Barrett in a house with like eight floors 

Ride your old a** car, you're like grandma but ghetto

Ay, You ride old cars? Where they at? Are you serious? ay 

Didn't see 'em, like JayTechTV, ay

Alissa said you talk fast, like the Furious 

Diss tracks are my savior's, unlike you

Wanna break that Xbox, imma knock you out

I ain't wanna kill fidget spinners cause I like them

I also like 1000 degree knifes and dank memes

Man I should be running PETA (ooh) 

Ingrid gonna lose her job after this (ooh) 

Hit it twice this ain't Snapchat, I don't like it

Gotta put this back to the innocent Youtuber

You ain't got no bars, no chill like iceman do (dayum) 

Your family makes Oh Shiitake Mushrooms look innocent

Let's go back to the PETA thing. listen here 

Your family has no heart for the orca's (excuse me) 

Now Corky is crying because of you

Your fanon wiki is also giving me cancer

I might not survive this cancer this time

You cheated on a handsome man for big a** Bill

And then you abuse William for a video (dayum)

It's everyday bro with the same fast talk flow 

Have no heart for the orca's, now beat up PETA workers

Abuse all the fidget spinners, I don't really get it though 

Stop being cancerous or I'll kill you

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