On his first day in Clock Town, Link met a dreadful fate, cursed by Skull Kid with Deku Scrub traits.

On his second day in Clock Town, Link met an awkward chap dressed in spandex fairy clothes and aggressively hawking crude maps.

On his third day in Clock Town, Link faced a falling moon… …then he played himself a song and reset time back to the Dawn of the First Day, averting his doom!

On the first day in Clock Town, the Salesman played a song, and it sounded just like this: Then the aliens appeared, Stole some steers, ‘till Link volunteered to defend Romani ranch all night long.

On the second day in Clock Town, amidst the pouring rain, a thin thief pawned off the Big Bomb Bag he stole! Then a hand in desperate need Tried to plead for some paper he’d wipe his butt with if he obtained.

On the third day in Clock Town, a couple finally wed... …though their marriage should be void once the city gets destroyed, and the groom is a kid! Then a ghost dude with no pants taught his dance, amidst crazy rants, and Link warped to the First Day instead.

On the first day, Link tried out the Song of Double Time-

On the second day in Clock Town, the Milk Bar needed stock, but the Gorman Bros. attacked wearing creepy Garo's masks until Link could fight them back just to get a Friend Zone hug! Over at the laundry pool, some poor fool needs some roommates who’ll let him practice his Phonograph box.

On the final day of Clock Town, four giants stormed the tower as the Festival of Time marked poor Clock Town’s final hour. Majora fled up to the moon and Termina would topple soon! Link traded masks till he received the greatest strength one could achieve: Fierce Deity’s mask! With the battle finally done, Link had won And the rising sun meant the Dawn of a New Day'd begun!

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