1200px-Ingrid Newkirk by David Shankbone

Ingrid E. Newkirk was first born in June 11, 1949 and is currently the CEO of PeTA, one of the largest animal rights groups with over 5 million supporters.

Issues with the Violette1st Family Edit

Newkirk has dealt with many issues with the Violette1st Family. The most common reason is the fact that the cats have to deal with the family's tantrums and destructions. She feared that one day, they will kill the cats. She suggests that they ship the cat's to a functional family that have experience with cat care. They disagree and say that they never yell at their cats. Either way, it looks like the battle will continue on...

Sierra Club Series Edit

In the series, Ingrid was a special guest on the club. She talked about how unfair Wisconsin was for banning sales of plant-based milk and how Ringling deserved closing it's circus. William disagrees and throws a carton of milk on her.

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