Bill made more Spam Burgers and wants them to eat it, but Violette says no. William cusses out his dad for making that food and burns the Spam Burgers.

Then Bill punches William and burns half of his face off and later on, Bill grabs a suppressed rifle he took from the shed and comes back before fatally shooting William in the head, killing him.

Violette becomes shockingly frightened and runs off screaming before Bill decapitates her leg by a piercing round from the rifle, then he takes out a hunting knife and stabs her 28 times to death.

Bill comes back home and gives Andy and Lucy Spam Burgers, but when they eat it..............................................................................THEY REALIZE THEY ARE ACTUALLY EATING WILLIAM AND VIOLETTE'S(Their moms) EYEBALLS AND FINGERS HIDDEN IN THE SPAM BURGERS TAKEN FROM THEIR CORPSES!

Andy and Lucy(with Zachary sitting next to her) vomit on their plates and after they vomit, they ask Bill why he is doing this and Bill says it's for fun and he's tired of everything happening between their aggressive and destructive behavior and when they argue all the time. Bill then throws two steak knives on Andy's arm and chest and after that, Lucy watches in horror as Bill Slits his throat and blood sprays on Bill, killing him. He then proceeds to shoot lucy in the head and then Bill grabs Zachary before breaking his neck, killing the young toddler. he then grabs gasoline and writes a suicide letter and stabs on the mailbox before setting it ablaze before Bill burns himself to death in the process.

This ends with one of the neighbors calling the fire department and police before they find Bill's suicide note left in the mailbox with Bills bloody handprint and find some German letters written by Bill. "Ich werde mich meiner Familie und mir im Himmel anschließen, ebenso wie der verdammte Trottel. Bill Anderson." Which actually means "I will join my family and myself in heaven, as will the freaking jerk. Bill Anderson."

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